Our client base for Job Tracker is growing on a daily basis, below is just a handful of our recent customers.

Drain Right - Beckenham Kent
Gas Care - Derby
Clements Play Management - Beds
Survey Planning - New Zealand
Aberdeen College - Scotland
Electrite - Dudley
NZM - New Zealand
Concept 2 - Baltimore USA
Alpha Chemicals - London
Plus many many more

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What our customers have to say about
Job Tracker!

"Simple and to the point, plus a
few hundred quid cheaper
than the competition!"

"With the custom modifications
this has turned out to be
worth its weight in gold!"

"The document management features
makes this an amazing product. Its perfect for us"

"A few teething problems but
were ironed out fast, your support
proved we made the right decision.
Happy to recommend Job Tracker"

"Even though we live on the other side of the planet, your support has been great,
the custom modifications worked a treat and the document management, we just love"

"The custom paper less scanning
feature you did for us is simply out
of this world, the competition quoted
over £2500 more!
Happy to tell you now we've paid.
Thank You!"

Remember we can customise
Job Tracker exactly for you!

Below is a few of the custom modifications versions we have produced.

Embedded email,
Send completed Job email at the
press of a button.

Paperless office, including a
50 page per minute scanner.

Network shared appoinment calendar.

Invoice details included, invoice created and printed at the press of a button.

Simply call us on 01255 830113 if you would like to discuss Job Tracker

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Job Tracker

When you want to track your jobs try our job tracking software, "Job Tracker Standard " currently on version 2.4.0, is still one of our best selling of the shelf products. Job Tracker is designed to be friendly and intitutive, and aimed at the small to medium sized business who is looking for a simple product to track the current status of various jobs.

Job Tracker can handle direct client enquiries and jobs supplied via a provider. e.g Direct client enquiries are when you deal directly with the purchaser where jobs supplied via a provider would cater for work via an insurance company, local authority, sub contracted or similar.

On top of that, Job tracker is fully network aware, enabling you to have several users working simultaneously. The software handles a range of dates for each job giving you the ability to track various aspects of the job, e.g. Date recevied, date quote sent, date completed, due date etc. These dates can all be used to create comprehensive reports. You can now also track future appoinments, e.g. To book an annual maintenance or a recall date, simply put the date in the system and when appropriate that appoinment will appear on your jobs reports.

Another great feature is the ability to change the screen descriptions simply by double clicking on them. e.g the above main screen shot shows labels of "Introduced By" and "Client Reference" as well a many others, just by double clicking on these labels you can change the wording to make it relevant to your company. Now all of a sudden what was once used for marketing can now be used for the assigned engineer. Changes are also be reflected in the reports.

The software also supports an unlimited number of custom job status, e.g. Awaiting Invoice, Pending Customer Feedback, Awaiting Parts etc. Simply add the job status that is relevant to your company. The same goes for your engineers, marketing sources and a few other fields as well.

All Jobs can be easily found by using the search facility, simply type in as little or a much as you like and the software will return all jobs matching the search criteria. e.g. You can search by name, telephone, job reference, address or practically anything else stored against the job.

Although simple to use the reports available on Job Tracker are comprehensive, showing results such as how many jobs come from a particular source, useful for tracking your marketing. Show all jobs over 15 days old that are awaiting payment or any other job status. Click here for screen shots. Report 1 Report 2 Sample Report

Document Management:- At the press of a button you can produce and print a Job Sheet. Sample Job Sheet
Every field within the full version of Job Tracker can be used to populate your Job Sheet. And if that's not enough, simply ask and we can make some more.

All other types of documentation can be handled by Job Tracker's document management, which integrates with MS Word. At the press of a button you can pick a letter template, populate the letter with the correct contact, address details as well as every other data field within Job Tracker. No need to worry where the document is stored or how to get it back again. Job Tracker looks after it all.

We have also introduced the ability to create Excel sheets directly from within Job Tracker. Using this feature you can now create invoices where the address, unique invoice number and various other fields are automatically populated.

You can have as many MS Word and MS Excel templates as you need and all the templates are automatically shared between other networked clients, ensuring all documentation looks the same.

As Job Tracker was developed in-house by S B Systems we are able to fully customise the software to meet your exact needs.

For further details on Job Tracker or to request a customised version please call
us on 01255 830113 where we're waiting to offer friendly help.